How to use Anchor text in SEO ?

Updated on February 9th, 2018


Anchor text in SEO plays an important role. A properly distributed anchor text can significantly boost the Website ranking in SERPS. This post will guide how to properly optimize The anchor text to get maximum out of it.

What is an Anchor Text?

Anchor Text is visible and Clickable part of the hyperlink present on a webpage, In any modern browser, the default colour of an anchor text is blue.

A hyperlink consists of Two parts, the URL and the Anchor text.what-is-an-anchor-text

URL is the address of the page where the browser going to lead you after you click the Anchor text.

In the picture above the URL is www.this is a  and the anchor text is This is an anchor text.

So basically, the link is wrap in a text which is known as Anchor Text. Want to know how and why it is important for SEO, keep reading below.

Why is anchor text important for SEO?

Anchor text is important for on-site as well as for off-site SEO. Proper use of anchor text can boost your website ranking and misuses if anchor text can cause serious trouble for a website. Follow the post below to master the use of anchor text.

As you know, backlinks are one of the most important Off-page rankings factors to rank on the SERPs.An anchor rich  Backlink from a relevant website can significantly affect the ranking of the website.

Search engines use anchors text to classify the websites, If a link pointing to your website(backlink) with an anchor text “branded t-shirts ” Google will more likely to rank your website in top result for that keyword.

Google may assume that this website is about branded t-shirts and rank you accordingly.

In Simple Terms, The website which has more backlink with anchor text “branded t-shirt” will surely rank high in the search result for that keyword.

Simple right lets have tonnes of backlink with the same keyword! No, nooo, Never 

Just having too many keywords don’t help nowadays to rank on the SERPs.

Search engines have evolved over the time, For Google Search engine What matters is quality of backlink, not the quantity In fact having too may backlink with same anchor text can lead towards penguin penalty.

The Exact match anchor text should be only 1 to 2% of your total backlink, Exact match anchor text are a type of anchor text, keep reading we have covered all the other types of anchor text below.

Another ranking factor is internal links on your website. An internal link is important because:

  • It helps users to navigate through your website pages. example:, Every page on Wikipedia is linked with other relevant pages.
  • Helps search engines to understand the hierarchy of information on the Website.
  • Internal links help to spread the link juice(link power) throughout the website.

Anchor text is also important for On-page SEO factor. The pages within your website which are link more often will appear in the search result when someone searches for the brand name.


The links which are linked more often internally will appear inside the red box.

While interlinking the pages of the website always use a relevant anchor, The anchor text in internal links helps search engines to understand what the page is about.

If internal links of your website having exact match anchor text as your main keyword for the post will not lead your website toward any penalty. But, it is adviced do not overdo it.

So it is quite clear that anchor text still plays an important role in SEO.

Types of  Anchor Text

There are few types of anchor text you should know because below, we are going to talk about how you can avoid google’s penguin penalty. For that, you need to understand the types of anchor text.

Exact match anchor Text:

A Website post targeting a keyword “make money online” manage to get a backlink with an anchor text “make money online”  is what we say exact match anchor text.

Exact match anchor can magically increase website ranking but it can put the website in palanty zone.

Exact match anchor text should be only about 1-2% of total backlinks of your Website have too many backlinks with exact match anchor text it can lead your website towards penguin penalty.

Naturally, it is very hard a find an Exact match anchor text for a website.

Partial match anchor Text:

Partial match anchor text which partially contains the main keyword of the post or the website.

From above example “make money online” the partial match anchor text can be “online money tips”,”online money tutorials ”

Generic anchor text:

The word such as click here, read more, learn more are known as generic anchor text when used to point links from one page to another page. for example, click here.

Naked link anchor text: 

These links which don’t have any anchor text associated with it is known as naked link anchor text. Example:

LSI keywords:

A link having a relevant anchor text. for example, a post about “make money online” can have LSI anchor as “earn online”,”earn from home” etc. is a free tool which generates LSI text for any keyword.

Branded anchor text:

your brand name in anchor text. for Example, Thetecharticle is the name of my website. If Someone links my website with an anchor text “thetecharticle” is what we say brand name in anchor text.

Anchor text distribution

Distributing anchor text (also known as link profile) can be tricky. While building links you have to keep in mind that you can’t over-optimize anchor text else it will lead you toward unnecessary penalty. Remember this Chart while building links.Anchor-text-distribution


Best practice To optimize anchor Text

While building backlinks or interlinking website use relevant keywords for anchor text of the link.

Distribution of anchor text:

While creating backlinks distribute the anchor text wisely, Use of anchor text should as per the above chart to be on the safe side of any unnecessary penalty.

In simple words, if a post has 10 backlinks, only one or two backlinks anchor text should match the focus keyword of a post.

Keep the anchor text relevant to the pointing page i.e A article about “dog food ” should have anchor text in backlinks as ” best dog food”, “how to feed dog “.

Follow the anchor cycle i.e ;

After successfully getting an Exact match anchor text in a backlink, the next backlink should not contain that same anchor text. variation of anchor text is important.Anchor-cycle

step1: Hit your target website page with Exact match anchor text.

Step2: Next backlink should have partial match anchor text or any other except Exact match.

Follow the cycle to make your link profile look natural.

Mistake you should avoid while Optimizing anchor Text

Do Not spam keywords in link anchor. try to have anchor text length less than 15 characters.

Don’t generate too many backlinks with same anchor text, variation in anchor text is important.

Do not over optimize low-quality backlinks, over optimized low-quality links can lead your website toward penguin penalty.


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