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Updated on March 13th, 2018

on-page optimization-onpage-ranking

Content on the Page

The most important on-page factor is, of course, The content your website is serving to its users. The Question is what is good Content? The content which people will share, link to their website are considered to be good in terms of search engine.

Of your page is getting shares and getting backlinks from another website, The search engine will rank that page high on SERPs.

But the thing is people will only share your page or link to it when your page has something useful on it. Nobody likes a rubbish content nither the search engine.

So, before posting anything on your website sit tight and research the topic thoroughly, Once you have a great post, Cross check your post with below parameters to get most out of the On-site SEO.

1.The Structure Of the permalink.

Create SEO friendly URL Structure for every page and post on the Website. Permalink structure helps Google to understand the hierarchy of the Website.

URL of the Website post clearly indicate the hierarchy of the Website and information saved on the Website.

Having SEO friendly URL structure also helps in better crawlability of Website by search engines bots. Try to have layers in URL  Structure with relevant keywords in URL.

Try to create Short and Sweet URL consisting of 4 to 5 Words.

Example: 1.Thetcharticle.com/seo/0n-page-optimization-ranking-factor


Just look at both the URLs, which one make more Sense? obviously, The first URL. First URL is also user-friendly and Search friendly.

The search engine will easily figure out that the post is about SEO and since I have included the keywords on-page optimization,on-page and on-site the search engine can easily guess the main topic of this post.

For WordPress, Users can easily configure  SEO friendly URL structures without any extra plugins.

2.Title of the Post- Include keywords in the title.

Title of the page is what appears in the Google search Result page(SERPs). A title tag is the first intense where a user interacts with the website Without even visiting the Website. Try to include as many keywords on the title tag without losing mining of the sentence. A great Title tag can significantly Increase CTR rate of a page.

The title tag is one of the major ranking factor and one of the most important On-page optimization parameters after Content of page.

Creating a Good and Appling title tag is important, A user only takes 2 Second to go through Title of the page on SERPs, A eye-catching title tag Will Definitely drive more organic traffic on the page.

A post title must contain The targeted keyword. Add the targeted keyword in the First paragraph of the post within first 60 words. Try to wrap the title in H1 and H2 tags in the post.

3.Meta Description Of the page

Meta Description is the next thing you need get right after the Title. With the google recent Update  Meta Description can be as long as 320 characters. Previously it was 160 characters.

A user can have 300 long character meta description for a page. Since the size of the meta description is double one can put many keywords in the meta description.

A meta Description Should be Unique, Do not copy meta Description of any other Website. Google bot may consider the page as Duplicate, and search Engines heat Duplicate Contents. If you can’t think of any Good meta Description leave it blank, Google Will pick up a meta description from a page containing keywords used in a search.

The Focus keyword or main keyword of the page should be present in the meta description of the page.Never throw keywords in the meta description randomly, Wrap keywords in proper and meaning full sentences.

For a Blog Website, Try to have at list one unique and relevant Question in the meta description and make sure you answer that question in the Blog post.

Distribute The keywords in the Meta Description evenly, add a call-to-action paragraph. 

It is One of the Important On-page ranking factors which can boost the ranking of the page in SERPs.

Check our Guide which will help you to create a perfect meta title and meta description.

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