What is Search Engine Optimization(SEO) ?

Updated on March 1st, 2018

what is SEO ?

SEO stands for “Search engine Optimization”, The Search Engine Optimization is a Practice To Increase Organic Traffic On the Website, Blog, YouTube channel or any Other Online Platform.

Let’s Try try to understand the above statement in More Simple way.

When a user Enters The “Search quarry’ or “Search keyword” the Search engines show up with thousands of Search Result. Users usually click the Results present on the first pages of google search result.

Have you ever wonder why some pages are on the top of the Search result and Rest on the Other result, the Answer is SEO(Search engine Optimization).

SEO score of the Page and the Website decide the position of the Page in the Search Engine.

The Page Which has high SEO score will appear on the top of the Search result. There are many  SEO tools available online Which can Scan the Website and tells about the Website SEO health.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a static process, it is the set of Rules On followed can help to improve the ranking of the page and Website.

No one knows the actual algorithm which decides the ranking of the pages. But, over the period of time by Experiments From Websites like  MOz.com, Searchengineland.com it has been concluded the Backlinks are most important factors Which affect the Ranking of the Website in google search engine. tho, The backlink is an Important factor it’s not the only factor, there are many more.

The good Quality backlinks Significantly Increase the Ranking of the Website in the Search engine.

The search Engines counts More the 200 parameters when it comes to ranking the Website on the Search Engine result page(SERPS).

As of now the market share of the Search engines are :market share of search engines

Google is most Dominating Search Engine, So Lets Focus How Google search engine presents search results On triggering any Quarry in their Search Bar.

Google Search engine sorts result according to Keywords and phrases.

For Example, A user searches for a keyword “Chocolate cake” the Google Will list down the Pages on which “Chocolate cake” Keyword is present.

Now the position of the Those Pages Depends Upon many Factors, Such As Domain Authority, Page Authority, Number of Backlinks, Page Speed, Domain Age, Anchor Text of the Backlinks + 200 more. 

After Creating website first thing you need to do is register the website with the Search engine webmaster, once you done with Webmaster tool, the Google Search bots will crawl to index the page. Once the page is indexed it will show up on the Search result page. The Position of the indexed pages Depends upon Many Factors.

The SEO is Further Divided into Two sub-parts on-site SEO optimization and Off-site Optimization.

On-site SEO: On-site is practice to improve and Optimize the website to make Website Search engine Friendly. Elements such as loading Speed of the Website, Title tags, meta-description, linking the Website internally. All aspect of the On-site SEO is in the hand of webmaster administrator.

Off-Site SEO: Off-site SEO one of the most important part of search engine optimization. Some part of Off-site SEO can be controlled by the website administrator some cannot be. The Off-site Optimization consists of Backlink building, Infographics sharing, sharing post link on other online platforms.

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