Ultimate guide to create meta title and meta description

Updated on February 1st, 2018


meta title and meta description are one of the most important things which you need to get right on your Website. The meta title is Impotent from SEO preservative whereas the Description is important from Users Preservative. Over importance of the meta title and meta descriptions cannot be neglected at any cost.

This Post will help you to understand the meta title and meta description and hopefully, you will we able to create a perfect meta title and description for your website.

What is Meta description and Meta Title?

Meta title is a blue clickable link which appears on the Search result page after triggering a search quarry. Right below the Meta title, there is an URL of the page in green color, The Snipped of text below that link is Meta Description.

The Meta title is also Anchor text for your website page which appears in SERPs..

The recommended length of meta title is 50-60 characters and for Meta description try to keep 250-300 characters, google recent update can show up to 320 characters in Meta Description.


HTML view

Title:<mets data=”title” content=”This is the title of the page  “>

Description:<meta data=”description” content=”the Description of this page”>

As you can see, The Meta title and Meta description both appears on the SERPs page. The meta title is considered to be one of most important On-page Seo factors.

The Meta Description doesn’t have any Direct SEO advantages. Google Search engine doesn’t use Meta Description as a factor which affects search results in their algorithm. But, Meta description helps to increase click-through Rate.

A appleaing meta Description can drive more user to click on your website.

Why is Meta Title and Meta Description is important?

According to MOZ, The meta title remains one of the most important factors which helps to rank on SERPS after content quality. The page is likely to rank for all those keywords which are present near to the title tag. So, Try to add the focus keyword in first 100 words or in the first paragraph of the post.

The main Purpose of meta description on other hand is just to provide a brief description of the page. As mention, the Meta Description doesn’t have any direct effect on SEO but, The meta description can increase click-through rate (CTR).

The title and Description are used When someone shares the content of your website on the Social networking Sites. Title tags also appear on the Tab of the browsers.

How to Write A traffic Driving Meta title and Meta Description?

The main goal of meta title and meta description is to drive organic traffic by increasing CTR. For that, you need to create a meta title and meta description without hurting the user Experience i.e you can’t stuff random keywords in the title which don’t make any sense also, you don’t want have a title tag which makes sense but don’t have any SEO value. 

The guide below will help to create a balance between SEO friendly and User-Friendly meta title and meta description.

How to write SEO friendly meta title for page

Meta title is one of the most important n0-page SEO factor which influences the Ranking of the page after content quality.

Choose the right Keywords for the meta title, pick the Keywords which are highly Searched. Use keyword research tool like Google keyword planner, Moz keyword Explorer, SERPs.

Try to keep the length of the meta title between 60-65 characters.

Every page of the website must have unique meta title, Unique titles help search engine to understand that every page has unique content.

The meta title should be relevant to the content of the page.

Keywords Placement: Place important keyword at the beginning of the title, then other keywords according to their priority. Experiments conducted by MOZ world largest SEO community, suggest that the Keywords which placed at the beginning of the meta title, The page is most likely to rank for that keyword in SERPs then any other Keyword. So, add the main keyword at the beginning of the title tag.

The main keyword should be present in the title of the page and in the heading tags on the post.

The search engine expects to have the main keyword in the title so, that it can guess what this page is the about.

Don’t stuff the keywords randomly, use them in proper and meaningful sentences.

ex: buy mobile, cheap mobiles, best mobiles phone.

-Buy best mobiles phone at cheap price|order now

If you have E-commerce or online Business Include the offers in the Title tag.


Sometimes use the words which hurt people bit, For example: A gym website about being obsessed.


Meta title should be compelling to users, The title tag should we appealing enough, that user should click on the link and see what your website is offering.

Writing a Meta Description for a page.

Google’s SERPs can now show up to 320 characters for a result, Previously the limit was 160 characters. The search result may or may not show entire Meta description depending upon the number of the result on the page.

As mention, the meta description doesn’t have any direct SEO advantages but descriptions can help in improving CTR of a website.

Always have unique meta descriptions for every page on the website.

The meta description should summarise the content of the page. Add a call to actions sentences in the meta description of the page.

Place important, highly searched keywords relevant keywords throughout the meta description, in case the search quarry keywords match with the keyword present in the meta description the search engine will automatically bold those keywords.







I order to get more users on your website, The meta title and description plays a great role. A great meta title and description can drive tons of traffic. But a good title should be backed by a great content.

Create a relevant, meaningful title with important keyword placed at the beginning of the sentence.

Create an appealing meta description for every page on the Website, make sure that the meta description summarizes the content on the page, all call to action words/sentences.

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