What Is On-page SEO and Why Its is Important For Ranking?

Updated on March 8th, 2018

What Is On-page SEO and Its really Importance

The main focus of SEO is to rank high on the Search Engines. To rank High on the search engine web need to Desing a Website which googles secret search algorithm loves.

Google search algorithm love the websites Which FullFill the SEO parameters. The websites Which Have High SEO score will rank high in Search engine result page(SERPs) and vice-versa.

Ranking your website on googles first page is not an easy task provided that you are competing for a competitive keyword. The SEO plays the most important Role in getting your Website to Top pages of search result.

What is SEO?

SEO is a practice to shape the Website according to the Search engines algorithm. SEO is something which makes website Search friendly, Once the Website or a website post have Enough SEO points the Website Will rank high on the search result page(SERPs).  learn more about what exactly is SEO?

The SEO is further Divided into Two sub-categories. On-site/On-page site SEO and Off-Site SEO and both very important. If You want your Website to rank on the top page of the Search Engine, You need to Get this Both element of SEO done in right way.

What is On-page or On-site SEO?

The Word Itself Suggest that “SEO on the page” or “SEO on the Website”. There are many Factors of SEO, the On-page SEO factor are all the things which can be influenced by the website administrator.

On-page SEO is a practice to optimize different parts of the website which affect the website ranking positively.

Search engines have many factors to rank the Website some of them are in control of website administrator(On-page SEO)  and some of them are not under the Control of Website administrator(off-page SEO).

We have a list of all the on-site optimization factors which helps your website to rank high in search result page. The list includes all On-site parameters which are essential for on-page optimization.

A general rule of thumb is that on-page optimization accounts for about 40% of a website page’s ability to rank within Google & Bing. – Quora answer by john larsen 

How Is Important On-page SEO?

As mention above On-page optimization accounts about 40% of website Page ability To rank on the Search Result page of Google or Bing Search engines.

On-page SEO is very important because it helps search engines to understand What the page or website is about. On-page SEO also helps search engines to understand the structure of the website.

Once you start working on On-page SEO the Website will get more targeted traffic and quality traffic.

On-page SEO improves users experience of the Website hence, Decreases the  Bounce rate of the Website.

One Can Tell Search Engines about the most important page on the website by Linking that page From other Pages within the Website. So, if someone Search the brand name Google Will display most linked first.
Use a relevant keyword in anchor text to interlink the website.


On-page SEO is very important for overall SEO score. On-page optimization increases the chances of ranking the web page in the search result by making the Web page search friendly and also make web pages user-friendly.

The good SEO practice is Getting all On-site optimization properly and then going for the Off-site optimization. 

Once The Website manages to get it’s On-page and Off-page SEO properly it will rank high in the Search result definitely.

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