How To Setup A Webmaster Account ?

Updated on January 9th, 2018

How To Setup A Webmaster Account _1Webmaster Tool is what helps your Website To Communicate With Search Engines. Every Popular Search Engine has their Separate Webmaster Tool Which are absolutely free. A webmaster is an amazing Tool Which Monitors Your’s Website Performance and Ranking. So, lets setup webmaster account for website.

Why You Need Webmaster Account?

If you have A business or a blog Website you must Register That Website With Webmaster Tool. A search engine like Google and Bing Only Index the Website Which Are Register With their Webmaster Tools. If you want your business Website to Appear in Search result Then you have to Register With Webmaster Tool.

In short: The Webmaster Tools Tells Search Engines That Their is a Website Name and The Search Engine need to index the website. For more detail about the index and crawling read post, how search engines work?

How to create or setup webmaster account for a website?

Creating a and setup webmaster account for the website is as Easy as creating a Facebook account.

The things you need to Create a Webmaster account is a Website domain name and E-mail account.

Visit Search Console Which is Webmaster tool For Google Search Engine. Another Webmaster tools are  Bing Webmaster Tool for bing search engine and Yandex Webmaster tool for Yandex search engines(Russia).

Create a Webmaster Account and Enter the Domain name of your Website in Add a Property Section. 

Once you have Enter the name of the domain in Property.

The Webmaster tool Will Ask You To Verify The Website. Their Are Several Method To verify The Website.

How To verify a Website ownership in Webmaster Account?

Once You Done With Creating an Account just click On add a property to Google Webmaster tool and enter the name of your domain. After entering the domain name it will ask you to verify the domain ownership.

Googles or even any other Webmaster tool provide several methods to verify the ownership of the domain.

1.Html File Upload:

This is not the easiest method to verify the website but it is recommended one.

After you have entered the name of Domain in the property section on next page you have to verify the ownership of the Website.

Google Will Provide an HTML file which you have to upload in the root directory of the domain File in hosting.

Varify the ownership of webmaster account

Now login to C-panel and Open the File manager and look for the folder name same as the name of the domain. Open the Folder and click on upload.

verify-the Website webmaster tool

Now Upload the File Which You have just Got From the Googles webmaster tool.

Once you have uploaded the File Into the Root domain folder of hosting Account successfully, That it You have verified the Domain ownership For your Domain.

Now confirm the Upload By visiting the Link in at the 3rd point.

That’s it now Click on the Googles Button As Verify the Red one and You Ready to Go.

Now if you have any doubt about the method above just Click on the alternative method.

Here you will find a much simpler method to verify the website ownership with webmaster tool.

2.HTML tag.

This one is the most Simple method to verify the ownership of the website with webmaster tool.

just click on the Alternative method the verify ownership and click on the radio Button under HTML tag.

This will Generate an HTML Tag, Just copy the HTML webmaster tool site ownership verifaction

Now Install a Plugin on your WordPress account install and Activate a plugin header and footer post injection.

The Pugin setting will appear under Settings Menu In WordPress account.

Not Open header and footer post injection and inside The <head> Section Past the HTML tag and Save.

google site verification

Now Move back to the Webmaster Tool and Click on Verify. Thsts it This is also a Method To verify the Website Ownership With Webmaster Too.

The above two methods are the simplest method to verify the website ownership with Webmaster tool.

Bing and Yandex webmaster Tool also has a Similar Methods to verify the ownership of the website.

Once you have successfully setup webmaster account for the website, You will get all the information about The Website at the Same Plage.

The next Thing You Have To Do is submit the sitemap. once you have submitted the sitemap file to the webmaster tool, your website will get indexed and it will appear in the search results.


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